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When I say ...

I trust the Universe,

I trust Life,

I trust Spirit,

I trust God ...

to bring to me, show me, make me aware of exactly what I need in this moment,

What I’m really saying is

I trust you to show me the part of myself I need to see

The part that wants to awaken

The part that is already within me

Whether I’ve labeled it good or bad.

When I say I trust you,

I am proclaiming that I unconditionally accept ALL OF YOU.

And in that moment, I unconditionally accept ALL OF ME.

If I ever feel that trust has been broken,

then I am ignoring that part of myself that wants to be accepted and loved.

We are the same - you and I

Underneath the personality and conditioned self

We are the same.

We are of one consciousness.

If I feel I can’t love and appreciate you,

Then I am not in a current state of love and appreciation for myself.

How do I shift?

I look deep within myself for those places that are being reflected back to me,

those places that are hidden, that want to be seen ...

And I love them...


It’s an intimate dance.

A romantic relationship with the Self.

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